Highlights Highlights

Episode 66
We talk about our favorite magazine and eat Swedish Fish!
Word of the Week: Pork Roll.
Yesterday’s Weather Forecast:  Honesdale, PA.
Whoopie Roadtrip:  Highlights for Children Magazine.
Our caller says, “You can’t have your cake and eat it too!”
Whooplie’s Believe it or Won’t; Whooplie’s Believe it No Don’t!
Special Celebrity Guest:  The Corduroy Pillow Crew.   
Now you can have your “Little Chocolate Donuts!” …and you can eat them too!  

The Whoopie Chicken Podcast Show is a funny, family friendly podcast for kids and their parents – made by a kid and her parent. Laugh & learn fun facts with Athena and her sidekick, Daddy. Music, jokes and infotainment.