Whoopie Chicken Podcast Episode Twenty-one

The Whoopie Chicken Podcast Show is a funny, family friendly podcast for kids and their parents – made by a kid and her parent.  Laugh & learn fun facts with Athena and her sidekick, Daddy.   Music, jokes and infotainment.

Word of the Week:  Everything’s gone all catawampus on me!
The Most Accurate Weather Forecast:  Berkeley, California
Whoopie Roadtrip:  The Edible Schoolyard
We answer a letter about how to get your Mom to make more tuna fish.
Whoopie Science:  What are sand dollars, and are they alive?
Ripley’s Believe It or Not – Sculptor Ray Villafane, and a French restaurant that charges less for your meal if you say “Please” and “Thank You”.
Special Guest: The Baltimore Twins