Whoopie Chicken Podcast Episode Twenty

The Whoopie Chicken Podcast Show is a funny, family friendly podcast for kids and their parents – made by a kid and her parent.  Laugh & learn fun facts with Athena and her sidekick, Daddy.   Music, jokes and infotainment.

Word of the Week:  I am all discombobulated!
The Most Accurate Weather Forecast:  Traverse City, Michigan
Whoopie Roadtrip:  National Cherry Festival
We answer a letter about how to deal with a little brother who hogs the karaoke machine. Athena’s Blue Ribbon Winning Coconut Cake Recipe (email us for a copy)
Whoopie Science:  How to grow Giant Pumpkins
Ripley’s Believe It or Not – Judge fines himself when his cell phone goes off in court, Violinist plays “Flight of the Bumblebee” in only 58 seconds, Skunk sprays and causes power outage at TV Station
Special Guest: The Wily Watch Watchers of Wisconsin