The Rocky Burns Strange Weather Special – Part Three – The Dramatic Conclusion

Episode 61
Our heroes face a nearly insoluble pancake!  When a mysterious detective and a highly respected Realtor show up in a small town diner, fate brings six strangers together for the adventure of a lifetime.  And some very strange weather.

Whoopie Chicken presents this thrilling and funny short story – written by Athena and read by the author, with a little bit of Daddy on the character voices. 

Join us for part three – the conclusion of this three part special presentation!  If you’re one of our irregular listeners, you know this is a departure from the usual antics. So enjoy this literary treat for the senses.  And if you’re a first time listener, you can start with an earlier episode to get a flavor for the show.  We might suggest Episode 58 “Little Chocolate Donuts.” 

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