50 Episodes in One

Whoopie Chicken Episode Fifty – The Whoopie Chicken 50th Episode Spectacular is all 50 Whoopie Chicken Podcast episodes rolled into one!

In these days of multitasking, we’ve found a way to catch up on every Whoopie Chicken Episode:  Play them all at the same time.  Simultaneously, even! 

Are you ready for an experimental, avant-garde audio experience that might just help you fall asleep?  Whoopie Chicken Episode 50 has been heralded as “a sonic masterpiece that’s not for the faint of heart!”  “Oddly hypnotic, and a totally wild ASMR experience!”  Headphones or earbuds are highly recommended for maximum effect.

A ride so wild, we need to add this disclaimer:  If this is your first time listening to The Whoopie Chicken Podcast Show, you might want to start with a different episode.  Or not.  It’s totally up to you.  Either way, we’re glad you found us!

The Whoopie Chicken Podcast Show is a funny, family friendly podcast for kids and their parents – made by a kid and her parent. Laugh & learn fun facts with Athena and her sidekick, Daddy. Music, jokes and infotainment.